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Support those who teach you
Help those who heal you
Feed those who serve you great recipes
Carbon lets you support content you love
Publishers, Reporters, Bloggers, Vloggers, Musicians, Podcasters, Artists, Legal Resources, Medical Information, Financial Newsmakers, and more all require a massive effort to deliver quality content on the web. A new model, ensuring this content remains available, free from influence and supported in a way that allows teams to create, has never been more important than now.
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About Carbon
It's easy to support the content you love
Look for the Carbon widget and with one click you can show your appreciation for good content. Content has value and now you have the choice to support it. You control the amount you give, and if you've changed your mind, you can go back and cancel your contribution at any time.

You're not just supporting content, you're supporting a movement.
Sign up once and support as much or as little as you'd like
With the touch of a finger, face ID or a simple CC form, you can start contributing right away. you will be charged ONLY for your contributions, on a monthly basis, and your complete payment record will be emailed to you each month.

It's super easy and to contribute and ensure the content you love keeps coming.
What, when, and who you supported is as important as why you gave
Login whenever you'd like to see, edit, and track your support effort. It'll always be easy to see how much you contributed, when you gave, and what content you supported.

It's easy, transparent, and lets you personally show your appreciation of good content.
We exist because of you
Whether you support or create magnificent content for the web, we are here for you. We do not share personal infomation for any reason. All contributions remain private between the contributor and the content creator. Carbon's role is to ensure all contributions are processed safely and securely. That's it.
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